Thursday, 4 February 2016

Pastel pebble wall hooks

I bought these at Kmart today. I bought two boxes because I knew if I only bought one box I'd regret it .. and I'm glad I did. They come in packs of six and now I get double the colours. I bought a secondhand tv unit a couple of weeks ago and I've been thinking about how best to revamp it. My research has led me to chalk paint - which I thought was the same as chalkboard paint - but it's an entirely different thing altogether.

Anyhoo ... I'm thinking these beautiful matte pastel pebble looking hooks will go beautiful with the unit once I revamp it. I'm loving Kmart at the moment .. I also bought this:

Whoever is head of Kmart's creative department at the moment is spot on and giving IKEA a run for their money.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Day of the Dead Mexican Fiesta!

Its a Mexican Sugarskull 10th birthday party!

We had planned to hold this party at the park, but the stormy, windy, rainy weather was thinking otherwise, so we held it in our garage ... not to worry - we still had an amazing time!!

Games: We had a few fun ones - some traditional games such as Pass the Parcel, as well as some I'd found out about online and thought would be perfect for the day, such as Pass the Sombrero. 

Fun activity: Thread your own candy necklace. For this, we used round jelly candies, pretzels, cheezels and fruit loops.

Some pictures of the party table: the table was easy and affordable, using hand-made tissue paper confetti, white tablecloths from Kmart and a gold paper table runner made from a roll of paper wrap from Ikea. 
(IKEA has the best gift wrap - affordable and great quality!) 

The confetti dot paper napkins and paper cups were from Woolworths. Paper treat bags in red, pink and purple were personalized with a hand-made Gracias Amigo note and purple floral ribbon. 
Polka dot drink dispensers and chalkboard signs from Kmart.

The cupcakes were a hit - note: i'm not a baker so I cheated a bit, using store bought cupcakes (shh!), then topping them with bright blue icing that I made, a bubblegum topper and papel picado flags.

Food by the fabulous Rio Grande Taco Van and face painting by Artypants.

The cake! I am very proud to say that I made this. I'm by no means and I mean -no means- a baker. So I'm quite proud of my efforts!

For the Mexican Day of the Dead Girl cake I used Monster High's Skelita doll and a Dolly Varden cake tin with two more smaller cakes below, as Skelita was quite long. 

I used bright blue icing for her dress (and the same icing on the bubblegum cupcakes that you may have seen above). Her dress was entirely edible, with sugar paste gerberas, daisies and stars. I also used Nerd candies for the vines on her dress. 

We had the best day!

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pattern challenge week 4

Oh my, I've had so much fun with this! Here are my patterns from week four.
Today my eldest turned 10. Double figures = big deal!! We had a fantastic birthday bash with a Mexican Day of the Dead theme. I can't wait to share the photos this week.
But, for today, here's my week four (and final week of patterns).

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Ulla Johnson pre fall 2016

You know when you see beautiful clothes and your heart kind of skips a beat?
all images via

Friday, 22 January 2016

Piñata makeover

With my daughter's tenth birthday coming up and the theme being 'Mexican /Day of the Dead', it was essential that a piñata was at the top of our list.
I bought this donkey piñata from Kmart for $12.

But, after some great Pinterest inspiration, it was turned into this ...

I'm not sure whether or not I'll reattach the eyes (I saved them), but I'm loving this glammed up lady!

Oh, I can't help but showing you an out-take. I call it Pixie vs Piñata 

This project was so easy:
1 piñata $12, Kmart 
1 can of gold spray paint $3.40
Crepe paper for diy flower and tail (I actually saved the colours that I liked from the original tail - detach before spray painting - and then reattached it afterwards with a matching Pom Pom crepe flower that image myself)
Lots of lollies for the inside!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Crafty Wednesday

I saw this very cool idea on and thought I'd give it a shot with my girls. Below, the original post (go to for details) and scroll to the bottom photo for my version. 

We only had thick paintbrushes, hence the patterns not being quite as neat, but I think it works! I'm going to use them to group together and put fresh flowers in. 
Have a great week!

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