Saturday, 29 September 2012

Chihiro Iwasaki

Lovely images by Chihiro Iwasaki

Extract taken from the Chihiro Iwasaki site:

Chihiro Iwasaki was born on December 15, 1918, in Takefu, Fukui Prefecture, and moved to Tokyo the following year. She began to study sketching and oil painting at the age of fourteen under Saburosuke Okada, and Japanese calligraphy when she was eighteen, under Shuyo Oda of the Fujiwara Kozei School. 

In autumn of 1973 Chihiro was diagnosed with liver cancer. She died the following year on August 8 at the age of fifty-five.

Although some thirty years have passed since Chihiro died, her work still surrounds us like the air we breathe, and softens our hearts. This achievement, however, represents the fruit of ceaseless endeavor. 

Throughout her life, Chihiro longed for peace and was especially concerned with providing a peaceful future for all the world's children. The Chihiro Art Museum hopes to serve as an ambassador by carrying on various activities, to spread not only Chihiro's artwork, but also the message of her special commitment to peace and happiness throughout the world.

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