Friday, 30 November 2012

7 fabulous gift ideas: gardening

How do I say this in an unoffensive fashion? 
Hmmmm .. not sure that I can ..

Ok, here goes .. there is SO MUCH crap out there when it comes to gardening on the internet .. plant pots, garden signs, gardening utensils. 

If I so much as see another sign saying "don't disturb the gnomes" I think I may stab myself.

So, I have tried to wade through the muck for you and have found some tasteful Christmas gift ideas for the "cool" gardener.

Nogg Hen house, GBP 1950

Macrame plant holder from smalltown

The above is a tutorial on making your own plant pots. From transient expression.

Decorative herb garden signs. $9.95 each from etsy

Yellow plant pot $47 from etsy

Concrete plant pot. $50 from etsy.

Vintage teacup bird feeder. $25 from etsy.

Goat garden stake. $29.99 from etsy.

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