Saturday, 1 December 2012

Blueberry Boy Bait

I spotted this on Lottie + Doof and simply had to make it. With a name like that, right?

Rumour has it, this treat was blessed with it's great name back in 1954 when a young girl stole the show in a junior Pillsbury Bake-Off after announcing her treat was named for the effect it had on boys. 

I mucked up the recipe just a little and mis-read the topping part as I was following the recipe from my iphone. The topping is meant to be added on before you bake it, for a crispy finish (I imagine) .. but I realised halfway through baking and added it halfway through. oops. Better next time and next time more blueberries too, I think. I used one punnet but 1 1/2 would be even yummier.

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