Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Style project: Garbage Truck 2nd Birthday Party

Last month I was delighted to have the opportunity to style a birthday party for client Carrie, who has a little boy that is turning 2. 

He loves garbage and garbage trucks and Carrie felt that would be the perfect theme for his second birthday party in the park.

Here are some snippets of the Style Project that I did for Carrie:

I chose green, blue and silver for the theme colours, as they are lovely bright colours for a children's party and also typical trash truck colours. The silver reminded me of old fashioned steel trash cans.

 Next, I suggested some relatively easy diy projects and some games that would work perfectly at the park...

For the food and drinks I stuck to a bright and cheerful lime green colour, with different patterns to mix it up. I suggested that Carrie buy the bulk of her items from Target as they have great returns and shipping policies and then get some extra bits and pieces from etsy to add some cool details, such as the Newsprint wax paper, which could be used to line food baskets. The newsprint matched the Trash theme perfectly!

Sticking to a budget and keeping costs down was important, so I suggested items from a big retailer and then adding some wow factors, such as the gigantic mylar balloon. An additional wow item was the two choices for favours ..

Carrie was very keen to make her own cake, but wasn't keen on using fondant, so I sourced the perfect Truck shaped cake, which was great looking, but not too tricky. The invitations needed to be purchased already printed up, so I found two different options for those, which both looked great and would be mailed out ready to go.

I had such a great time styling this party. If you like what you see, you can hire me by contacting me at maemekko@gmail.com


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