Monday, 24 August 2015

Living room makeover for Lucy

A friend of a friend asked for my help recently in giving her living room, in her words, "a much needed makeover". 

After visiting Lucy's home and getting a feel for the space, looking at her other rooms and having a lovely chat to get an idea of her style, I came up with a few ideas for her space. 
Both her home and style are quite feminine, so I included some soft pinks and buttery yellows, but also some more masculine, rustic elements, such as the leather sofa and wooden pieces, to help balance the space out.

My favourite pieces are the Safari Living copper lamp, which Lucy can sit on top of some coffee table type books on the eggcup stool off to the side in her room. I also love the Aboriginal art from Artlandish. It's a big investment piece, but it's quite large and by a well known artist, so the value will definitely increase - not that you would want to sell such a beautiful piece of art! 

I loved putting this space together for her. Below is a sample of what I proposed. 
The pieces are all from Australian stores, in $A. 

If you would like to contact me regarding styling a space for you, or a party please email me at Thanks!

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