Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The elusive K-mart lamp

Header note: this post is NOT sponsored by k-mart. I don't do sponsored posts - I just love this lamp!

Have you noticed a little something funky going down at k-mart recently? We're talking the Australian k-mart here, not sure how funky your k-mart is, US folks.

They have been bringing out some pretty darn stylish stuff. Just yesterday when I picked up the lamp that this post is all about, I spied my next coveted item - a wooden based reading lamp with a copper shade ..

So, I saw this pretty lamp in my local k-mart about 3-4 months ago and thought, ooh - I like it!, but I didn't buy it that day. In fact, the next day when I returned, the shelf where 15-20 of these lamps had been sitting was empty. How odd. A bulk buy for a boutique hotel? A boarding school doing a funky face lift? My mind boggled ...

I have been checking weekly for this lamp ever since. There was a little label placed on the shelf saying "out of stock". Online, there were plenty to be had - in other k-marts - just not mine.

Skip to yesterday and there they were, lamps a plenty back on the replenished shelf! So, I bought one of course ... only now I want the fore mentioned copper one too .. and maybe another one of these just in case ...

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