Friday, 22 January 2016

Piñata makeover

With my daughter's tenth birthday coming up and the theme being 'Mexican /Day of the Dead', it was essential that a piñata was at the top of our list.
I bought this donkey piñata from Kmart for $12.

But, after some great Pinterest inspiration, it was turned into this ...

I'm not sure whether or not I'll reattach the eyes (I saved them), but I'm loving this glammed up lady!

Oh, I can't help but showing you an out-take. I call it Pixie vs Piñata 

This project was so easy:
1 piñata $12, Kmart 
1 can of gold spray paint $3.40
Crepe paper for diy flower and tail (I actually saved the colours that I liked from the original tail - detach before spray painting - and then reattached it afterwards with a matching Pom Pom crepe flower that image myself)
Lots of lollies for the inside!

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