Thursday, 10 March 2016

Easter fun

Easter is only two weeks away. Because it's early this year it really feels like it has come upon us fast!
Here are my top Easter inspired crafts for bringing some quick, fun, Easter action into your home!

1. Diy egg straws. You could even leave these blank and let the kids decorate them.

2. Via the always very pretty House that Lars built, some perfectly pretty floral painted eggs. This looks a little trickier, but the diy variations are endless.

3. Script eggs. So easy. If you are religious, you could write a lovely biblical script on these. You could even write a favourite quote, or a sentence from a book, or poem .. or just HAPPY EASTER!

4. DIY bunny ear macaroons.

5. DIY giant papier-mâché Easter eggs. Via Baba Souk. These look like fun. My kids would love this as they could really go to town with cutting up paper and glueing!

Have a wonderful Easter!

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