Thursday, 12 May 2016

Corners of my home

I often get asked the question of what does my home look like? I blog a lot about other people's homes but it's not that often that I feature pictures of mine. My home is hmmm .. vintage boho? I don't know .. I love mixing patterns with vintage items with store bought items. It's a big ole mix of eclectic!

See for yourself .. 

We bought these skateboards at the local art gallery. They were on exhibit, but for sale too. They are engraved. You can also see my husband's art sketch directly on the wall behind them!

More skateboards, this time vintage decks. I love the worn, beat up used look of them. To me, they're art! The photo is a blown up picture we took of a graffiti wall in Richmond, Melbourne. I love how it's all overgrown with nature in the front, then there's the big tag on the wall.

This painting on the left is very precious. We bought it from a woman selling her art on the street in Brazil. We carried it all the way home on the plane, rolled up as carry on! The painting of the woman on the right I purchased online from Ecuador. The illustration below that is by a dear friend, Brazilian artist Silvana Mello. The lamp that you can just see is a vintage bottle lamp, inherited from my great uncle. The green chair was my grandmothers!

I love my Marimekko so much that I covered a whole wall in it!
The Frida Kahlo illustration is by Studio Cockatoo and the succulent on the window sill I potted up into a vintage jug that I bought at a junk store.

Another little corner with the original 70s wood panelled wall and art by our friend Sesper, from Brazil.
Lamp from Kmart. Sitting above the door is an old deck that I covered in Marimekko fabric that my friend gave me.

Mexican hearts, a Nick Cave deck and a Vali Myers print by Angelique Houtkamp, a gift from a friend for my 40th birthday.

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