Thursday, 28 July 2016

Art: Ken Done

I'm currently reading this book:

It's a pretty good read. Ken Done has led a fascinating life and I really like his tongue in cheek attitude to life. I was one of countless Australian children who had Ken Done bedding. This was my quilt cover as a child - part of Ken's famously successful bedding collaboration with Sheridan. 

I also remember seeing this:

In 1988, Australia held the World Expo in Brisbane. My dad drove my best friend and I the 13 hours there and back to visit. Ken Done's Australia lettering is fantastic on the Australian pavilion. I was only 15 but I remember being amazed by the architecture on some of the pavilions.

Some of Ken Done's wonderfully colourful artwork. It was interesting to read in the book that he is very influenced by Matisse.

All photos via and Google.

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