Monday, 12 December 2016

Native Swinson

Native Swinson is an organic wallpaper and fabric design company run by Kate Swinson. The company manufactures beautifully hand drawn, screenprinted artisan wallpaper and fabric which is then made into children's play tents and other items. 

Based in Sydney Australia, Kate's love of the Australian bush combined with her fantastic art and illustrations makes the designs beautifully unique.

Native Swinson is stocked at or, for more stockists, visit

All images by Native Swinson 

Green shady tree wallpaper $450 / 10 metre roll
Blue biro banksia wallpaper $450 / 10 metre roll
Bondi green banksia wallpaper $450 / 10 metre roll
Blue biro banksia cushion $88
Green shady tree cushion $88

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